Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Interested in learning more about Ashland Blinds’ custom blinds for tilt and turn windows? See some of the FAQs about blinds for European windows below. If you do not find your answer, please contact us.


Our blinds are only 1 inch deep and therefore easily fit within the window frame. This allows for the blinds to fit behind the window handle, so the window handle is never blocked by the shade.  Blinds that are wider than 1 inch will impede the window’s ability to open fully, as the wider blind rail will hit the wall and not allow the window to be fully opened.

Ashland Blinds’ window treatments are also unique to other blinds in the market because our blinds attach to the window frame at the top and the bottom. Therefore, the blind does not hang off and sway away from the bottom of the window windows are “tilted” open.

Yes, absolutely! Ashland Blinds’ blinds have a narrow depth, so they fully sit within the window frame, which allows for sliding or folding doors to pass each other without impairment. Please contact us to discuss your sliding or folding door window specific dimensions to ensure that our blinds would fit inside the window frame.

Yes, all of our blind are cordless. 

Currently, Ashland Blinds does not offer any motorized options, but we are constantly looking for improvements and hope to offer motorized options soon.

Installation FAQs

We have drilled or non-invasive (drill free!) installation options to attach the shades to your windows, each offering different conveniences.  We can show you the different installation hardware options during the ordering process.

Yes, lots of our customers install our blinds themselves using the non-invasive installation. For the non-invasive installation, we provide everything you need and detailed, step-by-step installation instructions. For the drilled installation, we recommend that our clients use a professional to install the blinds.

Fabric FAQs

Yes, natural light will filter through light filtering fabrics and illuminate the room. You can select fabrics or patterns based on the amount of light you want to have illuminate through the blind. However, the blinds will provide complete privacy.

The blackout fabric keeps most of the light out, but the blinds will not keep 100% of the light out. Honeycomb blinds keep out more of the light, as they do not let the light that shines through drawstring holes. However, even with Ashland Blinds’ blackout fabrics, there will be some light entering through the drawstring holes, side clearances and clearances under and over the rail profile.

Yes, you can clean the blind fabric. We recommend that our clients clean our blinds with a low suction, hand-held vacuum or dust with a soft, clean cloth or feather duster. For dirt/stain removal, we recommend contacting a local window treatment cleaning specialist who can treat your shade on-site typically without even taking it down. Keep in mind that there are many carpet cleaning services that offer this expertise. Start the cleaning in a small, discreet area first, as each fabric is a bit different and may have a different reaction.

Blind Size and measurement FAQs

Blinds can be customized to the 1/8 inch, ensuring a customized perfect fit for each of your windows.

The smallest blind size that Ashland Blinds can accommodate is 9” wide x 6″ high. The largest blind size that Ashland Blinds can accommodate is 144” wide x 120″ high.

If you did not find an answer above to your question in our FAQs about blinds for European windows, please contact us.


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