Customize Blinds for Your Tilt and Turn Windows

Ashland Blinds has hundreds of combinations for you to choose from to customize blinds for your tilt and turn windows.


Fabric Styles

Ashland Blinds has hundreds of fabric colors and patterns for you to choose from to custom blinds for your tilt and turn windows. We offer single pleat or honeycomb blinds, in a variety of patterns and colors allowing you to bring your desired style into every roomAdditionally, you can choose the level of light you want to shine in: light filtering or blackout.

Color or Pattern

With numerous colors and fabrics to choose from, we have something for everyone. Please contact us to discuss the fabric options available for your design needs.

Light Filtering or Blackout

Likewise, you can also choose how much light is let in based on the type of fabric you choose. We have lots of different types of light filtering options to control how much diffused light is let into a room when the shades are closed:

  • Blackout Fabric block 99% of all natural light and offer full privacy when the shade is lowered.
  • Light Filtering Fabric provides privacy while allowing natural light to come through.
  • Single Cell are one row, or layer, of  that stack on top of each other
  • Double Cell or Honeycomb are two rows of cells that intertwine with each other to provide more privacy and less light. These look more like “honeycomb” in appearance when you look at their side profile. These do not show string holes.


Lift Options

Ashland Blinds provides two different kinds of lift options to customize blinds for your tilt and turn windows: standard or top-down bottom-up.

Our blinds open and close easily because of our built-in blind tension system that provides the necessary grip and enables the blind to be secured at any position you like – top, bottom or anywhere between. Specifically, the rail profile grips the strings via the strong, dual-section clamping shoe. And then subsequently, the simple mechanical locking system fixes the top or bottom rail in place.


Standard blinds raise from the bottom to the top, which ultimately will give a full view and all of the light when you open the blind.


Top-Down / Bottom-Up

As named, the top-down / bottom-up blinds can be raised from the bottom or lowered from the top. These blinds can be adjusted from the top or the bottom to meet your privacy and lighting needs.


Installation Hardware

Additionally, Ashland Blinds provides two different kinds of installation hardware options to customize blinds for your European, tilt and turn windows: drilled or non-invasive.

All of our blinds attach to the window with an inside mount, which means the blind fits within your window opening. Specifically, the blinds install directly to the inside of the window frame so that the blinds move as you use the window, whether the window is “tilted up” or “turned opened.”


This is a good option if you are comfortable drilling into your window frame. We recommend checking with your window manufacturer to ensure that drilling to the window frame does not void your warranty.


Comparatively, the non-invasive option is perfect for you if you do not want to drill into your window frame. It’s perfect for all vinyl and aluminum windows where you do not want to drill.



Rail Color

And finally, we can customize the rail color to reflect your style and your design needs. The rail attaches to the top and bottom of your blind fabric and is used to move your blind into an open or closed position.


Unique Shapes

In addition to standard, rectangular shapes, our blinds can be customized fit within your special shaped windows. Whether your window is triangular, oval, or trapezoid, our custom blinds can meet your architectural challenge!

unique shapes blinds

To say it simply, if you have a unique window or a specific design request, we can meet your needs!


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